Top Factors That Influence the Cost of House Rewiring Services

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Old and outdated wiring may not be able to support all your electrical loads. For safety reasons, you may also want to consider rewiring your house. A thorough inspection of your system by a professional electrician will inform whether or not you need house rewiring services.

If you do, indeed, need this service, your next concern is no doubt about the cost. How much house rewiring services cost depends on several factors, including the following.

Size of the House

The bigger the house is, the more material will go into rewiring, and the more time it will take to remove the old wiring and replace it with the new. Some electricians will charge you depending on the square feet covered and others by the hour, but it all comes down to the same thing — the bigger your house is, the more you will spend on both the material and labour.

Inclusion of Upgrades and New Installations

If you are looking to have your wiring system support more power, then you will need to upgrade your electrical service panel. Installing this upgrade will cost you more. The same goes for the installation of new outlets and switches. The cost will be significantly less if the scope of the house rewiring services is limited to just switching out the old for the new, but this is rarely the case.

Which Rooms Are Being Rewired?

House rewiring services can cover the whole house, or just sections of the house. The cost will vary depending on the room because the material required also varies from one room to the next. With kitchens, for example, the electrician will need to use heavy-duty wires and outlets that can handle the large kitchen appliances. Not only are the materials to be used more expensive, but installing these outlets are a little more complex to install, and as such, the labour rate may be higher.

Is Opening the Walls Necessary?

Opening the walls to pull out the old wire may be necessary in some cases. If so, you can expect to pay more for the extra work of opening up the walls and closing them back after. Where it's possible to deliver the house rewiring services by just running the wire through the basement or attic space, the cost is significantly less.

Talk to your electrical services contractor about providing you with an itemised and detailed quote for the house rewiring service. It will help you to understand the price breakdown better.