Tips Regarding Electrical Upgrades During a Kitchen Renovation

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Many experts are involved in kitchen renovations, one of whom is an electrician. Consider these tips for upgrading the electrics during a renovation.

Wiring the Oven

Permanent appliances, such as ovens, are usually wired directly into the electrical circuitry rather than being joined via a plug and socket. The electrician will connect an RCD (residual current device) for the oven and an isolation switch. This switch on the nearby wall cuts power to the oven, allowing for repairs without disconnecting the electricity to the entire house.

Some ovens under a particular capacity may possibly work with a plug that connects to a socket on a dedicated circuit. Your electrician can advise you on legal and safe options.

Accommodating a New Floorplan

If you change the footprint of the kitchen, the electrician will need to reroute the wiring to accommodate the new layout. If you add a kitchen island with power points, the wires need to reach there as well, usually going underneath the flooring. You may also require new power sockets, especially if the countertop has been moved. You will need outlets for a microwave, toaster, coffee maker and whatever else you use.

It's better to add too many than too few sockets, as extension cords can overload the system. Also, you will end up paying more if the electrician needs to make a special visit to adjust the wiring they set up initially. However, additional sockets will cost more, so you should aim for balance. An electrician can help figure out what's needed.

Layering the Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of a kitchen, and an electrician can connect the wires to new light sources. Multiple lights will allow you to adjust the ambience to the moment. When preparing food at the countertop, undercabinet task lights can illuminate the bench area. When reading at the dining table or kitchen island, an overhanging pendant light can shed brightness. Inset ceiling lights distributed around the room will provide general illumination. Make sure to get the electrician to install dimmers, which let you transform the mood of the kitchen in a second.

Different types of light emanating from varied directions create a layered and appealing atmosphere. Consider the blandness of the opposite arrangement: one glaring light in the centre of the ceiling.

After the kitchen electrical work has been completed, the electrician will supply a certificate of compliance stating that the upgrades comply with the relevant codes and standards. 

For more info, contact a local electrician