Commercial Electricians: Resident or Contracted?

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What happens when there is need for electrical works within your office premises? Do you get online to search for an electrical contractor or do you call in the in-house office electrician?

The more convenient option would be to have an in-house office electrician because it will be possible to have electrical repairs attended to immediately. Such prompt attention works well to cut down on the expected duration of downtime that is often associated with electrical problems. Is the more convenient option as expensive as it often seems to medium-sized commercial entities?

This article makes a comparison of the two options in a bid to explain why it's time to hire an in-house electrician.

Forget Repairs, Think Maintenance

Hiring an independent electrical contractor is often seen as a convenient option because it is a one-off kind of payment. What many commercial entities do not stop to consider is that having an in-house electrician helps to delay the need for one-off repairs.

This is because the electrician would carry out routine maintenance on the electrical appliances and systems. Regular maintenance is known to prolong the lifetime of electrical appliances by reducing their rate of natural wear and tear.

Save On Energy

Routine maintenance on electrical systems ensures that the various types of equipment within the system are working as efficiently as they should. Greater efficiency means that there will be significantly lower energy consumption within your office premises.

In addition to this, having an in-house electrician means that you have someone qualified to develop and implement a long-term energy conservation strategy. Their physical presence at the office means that the electrician would be in a position to oversee the implementation of such a strategy.

Consider The Corporate Image

What does having a resident electrician say about your company? For one, it gives the impression that yours is an enterprise that does not compromise on the safety of its employees and, by extension, the safety of its clients.

Outsourcing for a contractor every time there's a need for electrical work is more a reaction than it is a preventive measure in terms of electrical safety at the workplace. It could easily be seen to mean that electrical safety is not a top priority for your commercial enterprise.

In conclusion, it is only fair to point out that independent electrical contractors usually do a great job on their short term-engagements, thus reducing the need for frequent repairs.

To learn more, contact a commercial electrician.