2 Tips to Safeguard Your Warehouse from Electrical Hazards

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Electricity is a vital component of warehouse operations, but it can also be the most hazardous if not handled properly.

The most common electrical hazards include:

  • Unprotected electrical outlets
  • Poor or outdated wiring
  • Overloaded power outlets
  • Improper use of appliances and extensions

As a warehouse manager, you must ensure optimum electrical safety to safeguard your workers, visitors, and warehouse structures from these hazards.

Check out two critical tips to help you avoid serious electrical risks in your commercial warehouse.

Invest in Safety Training

Improper electricity use is a major cause of most safety hazards. As such, electrical safety training should be a mandatory exercise for all warehouses. Teach your workers how to use electrical tools and appliances properly. Educate them on all possible hazards associated with improper use of these power tools and insist on the importance of in-house safety. 

Some employees believe that trying to fix a failed, running appliance is the best way to stay productive. Others may not know of the dangers of overloading a power strip. They can even confidently turn electrical rooms into storage spaces. All these habits are a disaster waiting to happen, and you need to let them know that.

By teaching them about the dangers of such mistakes, you can reduce the chances of electrical-related accidents and injuries in your warehouse.

Most importantly, educate your workers on the importance of wearing protective gear such as insulating sleeves and gloves when they work with high-powered appliances. You may also offer incentives to motivate your workers and encourage them to observe all the guidelines they learned during training.

Schedule Regular Appliance Maintenance

Besides training your employees on proper electrical usage, you should also ensure that all warehouse appliances and outlets are safe. You can do so through regular inspection and maintenance.

Hiring competent commercial electricians for the maintenance job ensures that your equipment remains in optimal working condition, so you won't have to worry about any unexpected electrical hazards.

Your commercial electrical contractor will first inspect your electrical equipment and power outlets to identify any underlying issues that might trigger an electrical hazard.

They will then test switches, sockets and light fixtures to make sure they're in good working condition. During this stage, your electrical contractor can replace outdated or frayed wiring to ensure your warehouse meets all stipulated licensing guidelines. The professional will also test the condition of your earthing systems and circuit loads to rule out any issues that might result in a fire.

Routine electrical system inspections and maintenance work can help identify a range of issues in your warehouse –– from fire risks and defective wiring work to earthing and circuit issues that need attention. This way, you avoid potentially life-threatening hazards before they occur.

For more information, contact commercial electricians near you.