4 Benefits CCTV Cameras Can Bring in a Classroom

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While the thought of CCTV cameras in a classroom may initially seem like overkill, the truth is that video surveillance can be a huge help to schools, teachers, and even students. Here are four of the biggest benefits you'll see if you get cameras installed in your school.

1. Discipline will no longer be a far fetched dream

When it comes to reprimanding a student for their behaviour, it's often the child's word against the teacher's. While some students will accept their punishments, others will insist they've done nothing wrong. When you have CCTV cameras installed, however, children can no longer protest against disciplinary action. Even if a student claims they weren't disrupting, you'll be able to show them the footage to prove it. On top of that, when students know that they are being watched, they are less likely to break the rules to begin with. 

2. Teachers can be monitored and evaluated

Another key benefit of CCTV cameras in the classroom is the fact that they can be used to record lessons and teachers. This can help to encourage a more productive teaching environment, as teachers are able to be monitored in regard to their teaching. This means that they are more likely to do their best at presenting information and supporting children. It also means that department heads can better reward teachers doing their best or identify training needs in teachers who are struggling. When recorded with audio, lessons can also be made available to students who may have missed classes.

3. Emergencies can be handled much better

Using CCTV cameras in your school will also help you deal with emergencies much more effectively. For example, if a student gets into an accident or a fight, you'll be able to spot it on your video monitoring system instantly. This alleviates the need to get explanations from involved parties in the midst of a crisis and ensures staff can get to the site of an emergency quicker than before. 

4. CCTV cameras make it easier to catch intruders 

CCTV cameras are best known as a security measure, and this applies to schools too. Schools are often popular targets for thieves because of the expensive technological equipment inside. CCTV cameras will be able to provide footage of any intruders who break into the school, helping the authorities catch them faster. The quicker thieves are caught, the more likely you are to get your school's belongings back in one piece. Of course, intruders are less likely to break in at all knowing they'll be captured on CCTV, reducing your overall risk of burglaries and providing peace of mind to worried staff and parents. 

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