3 Critical Signs of a Malfunctioning Electrical Wiring System That Need the Intervention of an Electrician

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Electrical issues are a major cause of house fires and fatal electrical shocks. While most people rely on electricity in their homes, only a few remember to inspect their electrical wiring. Poorly installed, outdated and damaged wiring is risky, and it is an issue that requires a quick fix by a professional electrician. Most times, wiring-related issues show early warning signs. The issue can worsen and grow into a major problem if you ignore these seemingly insignificant pointers. Therefore, it is advisable to address electrical wiring issues early when they are manageable and less expensive to repair. Below are three critical signs of a defective electrical wiring system that you need to look out for:

An Over Tripping Circuit Breaker

When you overload your electrical system, the circuit breaker will automatically shut off. Such events are common but should not be too frequent. If your circuit breaker keeps on tripping every few days, there is a possible electrical wiring problem. Before you call a professional, you should try unplugging some electrical devices in your home. Sometimes, the circuit breaker might trip due to an overload with high-energy electrical appliances. If that does not work, you need to contact an experienced electrician to investigate the issue. 

An Odour of Burning Plastic

A burning odour is a sure-fire sign of a problem in your electrical wiring. The odour occurs due to overheating of the cables, which then melt out the insulation covering them. You will mostly notice the smell around the electrical panel and outlets. If left unchecked, naked wires can spark a fire or cause a short circuit. To avoid this, you ought to seek help from a licenced electrical installation and repair professional as soon as you smell burning odours in your home.

A Discoloration of Sockets and Frayed Wiring

A burning odour often accompanies socket discolouration. If some outlet points in your home start to show evidence of burning, such as scorching and colour change, it is time to call a professional electrician. These signs indicate overheating of the wiring connected to the socket. If you see signs of a burning outlet, you should stop using it immediately and find a solution. Similarly, visibly damaged wiring, such as chewed or frayed wiring, is potentially hazardous and requires urgent repair. 

You should never ignore any sign of a malfunctioning electrical wiring system in your home. Find a reputable and experienced electrical installation and repair professional when you suspect a problem, to avoid electrical damages and injuries. For more information about electrical wiring, contact a local electrician.