Critical Considerations Before Upgrading a Switchboard

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Electricity supply to a commercial facility is essential for continuity of operations and security. Since a switchboard's primary role is to redirect electricity from the mains to different areas in the facility, it is vital to ensure that the switchboard is up to the task. The last thing you want is to overload the switchboard and cause extensive damage to the structure. That is why switchboard upgrades are a necessity, especially when it becomes apparent that the current installation has capacity limitations. Here are a few basics to understand before deciding to upgrade your facility's switchboard.

Upgrade to Smart Meters — Modern switchboards are designed to work efficiently in addition to allowing the safe passage of electricity from the mains to different spaces. However, most switchboard upgrades also require newer meter versions. Smart meters are an excellent example of modern meters, and they allow facility managers to monitor and analyse electrical analytics without a technician's help. If you combine smart meters and upgraded switchboards, you will end up with a robust, effective and reliable electrical system. If you keep the traditional meters, then the chances are that the upgrade on the switchboard will not count for much. If you want to get the most from your upgraded switchboard, then get smart meters as well.

Minor Overloads Are Not Dangerous — Electricity overloads are a facility manager's worst nightmare because they can be destructive. Therefore, facility managers must monitor energy usage closely to avoid potential overloads. However, you don't have to worry about the issue if you upgrade the switchboard. The reason for this is that upgrades are often fitted or equipped with a buffer that prevents the fuse from blowing during intermittent overloads. This makes it easy to take precautionary measures in good time.

Solar Power Compatible — Green energy is all the rage today as businesses seek more efficient and less expensive energy sources. It is no wonder that businesses and residential homes alike are installing solar panels to use solar energy as alternative energy. Unfortunately, connecting the solar power system to traditional switchboards is cumbersome and requires the services of a technician. Therefore, if you are thinking about installing a solar power system to the facility, then you need a switchboard that allows for smooth integration. Luckily, modern switchboards are designed to accommodate solar power systems with ease. Additionally, upgraded switchboards also make it easy to switch between solar power and electricity from the grid.  

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