How To Prepare Your Home For An Electrician

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Electricians get a lot of call-outs from all over the country. Solving electrical short circuits, fixing broken appliances and handling other miscellaneous tasks can take up quite a bit of time, so it is important that you are prepared when they do arrive. After all, you are most likely paying them on an hourly rate, which means you want them in and out as quickly as possible. But how do you make sure that your home is ready for electricians to do their job effectively? Here are a few quick tips you can follow.

Do Not Turn Off The Power

Unless the electrical fault is seriously endangering you or your family, do not turn the power off. This is a common misconception, but the electricians you call out will need to see the fault for themselves before fixing it. Many people turn the power off, expecting that their explanation will be enough to go off, but this is generally not the case. While it is a nice thought, it simply delays the diagnostic process. While you can't turn the power off, you should turn off the individual electrical outlet or light that is misbehaving until the electricians arrive.

Clear The Room

Electricians need quite a lot of room to work, especially when working on something in an awkward position to begin with. Think about just how much room a grown man or woman would take trying to operate on an outlet or fixture that's ankle-high and you can begin to have an idea of how much room you should give them. Move any furniture, tables, art, bookshelves and anything else that isn't nailed down out of the way. If the problem is in the roof or high up, then it never hurts to have a ladder ready for them to use if they need it.

Prepare For Mess

If you have a tarpaulin or plastic sheet, now is the time to lay it out on the floor. While this is good for electricians because they won't feel bad if they make a mess, it is also good for you to avoid long cleanup times. Electricians can drill holes, cut wires and stir up a lot of sedentary dust just by doing what needs to be done. You should prepare for this if you can and be ready for any and all things. Also remember to cover up any expensive furniture or other items that are within the same room (but moved out of the way). 

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