Reasons Why Becoming an Electrician Is a Good Career Choice

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The traditional college path after high school isn't for everyone. Some just want a more hands-on approach, which is why apprenticeship programs, trade schools and vocational training schools have become popular. If you're looking to escape the traditional career path that typically leads to a desk job, you might want to consider being an electrician.

Here are some of the reasons why:

High demand for trained electricians

According to Job Outlook, electrician jobs are projected to increase from 156,400 to 163,500. Over the same period (2018-2023), it's estimated that there will be 5,200 new job openings every year. Currently, electricians, especially those working in factories, have arguably the most stable employment. There is also an increasing demand for electricians who can perform industrial component wiring, electronic systems repair and solar photovoltaic installation.

The high demand is attributed to the large number of electricians retiring in the next few years. This number is set to outpace that of new electricians. Also, electrician jobs are seen as gruelling and too technical compared to office jobs. This is why high school graduates are opting to go college, graduate and get a well-paying white-collar job. This presents an opportunity for those interested in becoming electricians as the competition is less but the demand is high.

The stigma associated with trades is among the reasons why there is a high demand for electricians since young people are opting to pursue white-collar jobs.  

Decent remuneration

Despite being a blue-collar job, electricians make an average of $79,967 per year, and some make more than $135,145. The salaries continue to increase due to the high demand for skilled electricians.

Also, it's much easier to become an electrician than to study a course in college. The cost is lower as you can attend a technical school or learn through a 4- or 5-year apprenticeship. This will help you avoid massive student loans which you'll have to pay after graduation, which reduce your overall income.

Fun work environment

Unlike office jobs where you are stuck behind a desk for the better part of the day, being an electrician allows you more freedom. You will have a van as your typical office, and your workspace isn't limited to the same space. You will move around fixing office spaces, construction sites and homes.

A career as an electrician is fulfilling and rewarding in so many ways. You can even start your own business and manage other electricians.