Different Ways You Can Use Solar Power in Your Home

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The sun is a primary source of energy on earth, and technology has made it easy for property owners to harness this power. All you need is to purchase a solar power system from a reliable supplier and get it installed, and then you'll start enjoying free power. Usually, the sun creates two primary forms of energy, i.e., heat and light, and your solar panels will harness it to provide solar energy. So how can you use the solar energy you acquire from the sun? This post explores several uses of solar power in everyone's daily life.

Source of light

One of the main solar power applications is using it as a source of light. The solar electricity can light up your entire building as long as your panel meets your needs. Once the panels are installed on the commercial or residential rooftop, the solar power the system generates is used to light the building. Depending on the quantity of power the system produces, your reliance on grid electricity may decrease significantly, or you may get enough power and end up supplying the excess to the grid. Things get even better if you have a solar battery since you'll store power and use it once the sun goes down or during an emergency.

Heating the swimming pool

Have you installed a swimming pool in your home or commercial property? Swimming pools offer your family and clients a chance to have fun under the sun. However, if it's not sunny, no one will be excited to go swimming since the water is too cold. Luckily, solar power can help you solve this issue. You only need to add a solar blanket to warm the water to the desired temperatures. This floating blanket is a passive device that absorbs the heat from the sun and transfers it to the water.

If you don't want to use the blanket, you can install a complete swimming pool water heating system that uses solar panels. Once the panels generate power, the energy will be transmitted into the water via the tubing loop.

Cooling the building

Although air conditioners play a significant role in cooling buildings, they can be overworked when it gets too hot. In this case, you can use solar power to cool your building. The market offers a wide range of solar ventilation solutions, like attic fans. These fans are meant to reduce the amount of heat that gets into your house via the attic. This, in turn, reduces the air conditioner's burden since your cooling needs are minimised.