How to Connect Your Subdivision to NBN

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If you have a piece of land that you want to split up and build upon then it is important to remember there is more than home building involved. In addition to planning the size and arrangement of each subdivision, you will also be responsible for arranging the supply of utility services for each new home on the subdivision. You will need to think about how electricity, water and NBN connections will reach every property. It is vital that you consider these arrangements during the planning stage and don't try to fit them into your existing plans as an afterthought, such an approach rarely works well and could prove to be an expensive mistake.

Understanding your responsibility

If you are managing a subdivision development you are responsible for planning the subdivision NBN connections and providing the telecommunication infrastructure on the site. Planning this infrastructure isn't a quick process and you will need to start making the arrangements at least six months before you expect the properties to be ready for occupation. You must work with NBN by submitting a New Developments application and employing one of their approved contractors to get the needed construction work completed.

Building it right

Once you have obtained the needed building permits and selected your architect, builder, and NBN trained supplier you can start to plan for your new NBN broadband access network. You must ensure that your team studies the NBN guidelines carefully and that all work which takes place within your property boundary complies with the published NBN guidelines. If the work on your pipes, lead-in conduits, pit or pathways fail to comply then expensive remediation work may be required which could slow down your building project and cost you considerable sums of money.

Work with an NBN trained supplier

It is always best to work with an experienced NBN trained supplier. They will know exactly what is involved in meeting the established NBN standards and will be able to guide you through every step of the process. With the suppliers help you can be sure of complying with the NBN guidelines in every way. You can gain additional feedback on your proposed development through the NBN New Developments Portal. They will be able to comment on your master development or service plan and ensure that everything is ready for NBN to complete their side of the project. Upon completion, the work will be inspected and if it is satisfactory NBN will issue a completion notice and prepare your subdivision NBN connections for activation.

For more information, contact an electrician who offers subdivision NBN connections.